About Me and this Website

I’m Daniel. I’m 23 years old and studying Economics and Finance.

At age 18, I got interested in investing in the stock market. Pretty soon, I learned about Value Investing, and it instantly resonated with me. I started reading all the classics, and by now, I’ve read dozens of books on investing, investment philosophy, valuation, behavioral finance, and psychology.

What I learn from those books is what I put into writing here on this Website. I also share writings I come across online and book recommendations for people looking for inspiration.

The name of this newsletter suggests what I’m trying to do here. With a mix of writing articles, sharing resources, book recommendations, and investment ideas, I want this Website to be a place where beginners and advanced investors can come to and have everything they need to improve their investing.

This Website will compound over time. The more articles are published, the more resources shared, the more books recommended, and the more companies analyzed, the more this platform will transform into the place I want it to be.

So, if you want to be part of that journey and improve your investing together with me, subscribe for free and be a part of it.

The Schedule:

I’ll post one article a week focused on investing. I constantly add new resources to this page. This happens whenever I find something worth sharing. I’ll let you know on X (Twitter) when that’s the case. The same goes for new books that I add to the Bookshelf section.

I also created a Thread Archive on this Website where you can find the Evergreens of my Twitter Threads if you ever want to revisit one.

Free or Paid Subscription

For the longest time, this Website was entirely free. Paid subscriptions were just a way to support my work here and on X (Twitter). I’m very grateful to everyone who did so!

In the future, there will be a free and paid version of this Newsletter/Website.

The weekly articles will stay of charge and be accessible to every reader. So you’ll never go out of content.

What the Paid Version offers:

  • Monthly Deep Dives/Valuations of Companies

  • An Intrinsic Value Sheet with all analyzed Companies

  • Free Access to all my current and future Products

  • The Investing Resources PDFs

  • Direct E-Mail access to me for questions, etc.

The Paid Version will become an extensive Investment Platform covering more and more companies over time.

If that sounds interesting to you, give it a try. If you want to stay a free subscriber, I’m sure you’ll get tons of value from the weekly articles and the book recommendations.

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